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Why should I join MyLawNetwork?

Our intent is to make our website an absolutely indispensible resource for you. This website will provide a source for information on every court in every state. In addition to the basic information on the court, we are also providing a forum for attorneys to enter comments on the judges and courtrooms, so that lawyers will know what to expect before they get there. Most importantly, ALL COMMENTS ARE ANONYMOUS. Our website DOES NOT RECORD OR REGISTER any type of information to determine who is entering the comments. Obviously, this will encourage users to be open and honest in their comments.

In addition to access to the data online, our paid membership includes a listing in the county of your choice. This will allow other members to contact you as local counsel, and will also serve as a potential source of referrals. The attorneys who sign up for a paid membership initially will be GUARANTEED a premium listing at the top of the attorney pages for each county. These premium locations will be assigned in the order in which you subscribe.

We’re working now on a professional/social network which will also be available to our members. When it is up and running it will allow you to interact with other lawyers and experts to harness the power of the “collective intelligence” of the legal community across the world.

As a lawyer, you will be allowed to have up to three support staff included in your membership with virtually the same rights and privileges you have, allowing you to delegate court research more effectively.

In addition to your listing, we are also providing a forum for you to publish articles linking to your biography and contact information, as well as your website, as an additional form of marketing. These articles will be “crawled” by the search engines and assist in promoting your business.

Finally, by signing up now you are guaranteed all of the Premium Member benefits as they come online, and a guarantee that your rates will not increase for as long as you remain a member. For just $240.00 a year ($20 a month) you will receive all of the benefits included in the Premium Membership with no additional charge ever.

To sign up for the Premium Membership and lock in your listing location and pricing, click here.

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