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Our intent is to make our website an absolutely indispensible source for lawyers and their staff. By providing a source for information on every court in every state, we believe that lawyers will quickly become accustomed to looking here for their local needs.

Our membership includes not only a better than competitively priced advertisement in the areas of your expertise, but also access to the information on the website. In addition, when the professional/social network is up and running it will allow you to interact with lawyers in areas where you can demonstrate your knowledge as well as exchanging ideas with other experts.

In addition to your listing, we are also providing a forum for you to publish articles linking to your biography and contact information, as well as your website if you desire, which is an additional form of marketing. These articles will be "crawled" by the search engines and assist in promoting your business.

Finally, by signing up now you are guaranteed all of the Premium Member benefits as they come online, and a guarantee that your rates will not increase for as long as you remain a member. For just $300.00 a year you will have advertising directed at your potential clients.

To sign up for the Premium Membership and lock in your pricing, click here.

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