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10th District Supreme Court - Matrimonial - Judge Sher

Justice Denise Sher

Biographical Info: Acting Justice, Supreme Court, Nassau County, Integrated Domestic Violence PArt, Appointed by Chief Administrative Judge Jonatha...
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Physical Address:
400 County Seat Drive
Mineola, NY  11501
Court Reporter: Heidi Powers
Court Reporter: Jeri Thompson
Secretary: Kathleen Roll
Law Clerk: Cara A. Patton
Court Attorney/Referee: Matthew R. Fusillo
Court Attorney/Referee: Marston C. Gibson
Court Attorney/Referee: Lawrence M. Schaffer
Senior Court Office Assistant: Anne Marie Sullivan
Judicial Hearing Officer: John Copertino
Judicial Hearing Officer: Marilyn R. Friedenberg
Judicial Hearing Officer: Stanley Gartenstein
Judicial Hearing Officer: Burton S. Joseph
Court Clerk Specialist: Richard Seibt
Principal Court Clerk: Dona Pratesi
Associate Court Clerk - Motions: Virginia Gallo
Associate Court Clerk - Uncontested Matrimonials: Kevin Brsonan
Associate Court Clerk - Uncontested Matrimonials: John Nordahl
Associate Court Clerk - Uncontested Matrimonials: Robert Peters
Sentior Court Office Assistant - Data Entry Judgments: Marie Nikolaidis
Sentior Court Office Assistant - Pre Screening Judgments: Frank Cittadino
Associate Court Clerk: Amy Gilyard-Neal
Associate Court Clerk: Michael O'Malley
Jr. Court Analyst: Diane Lamonica
Family Case Analyst: Marisa Alleyn

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