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MAR 18
The LinkedIn Guide for Lawyers
While many other social media tools are still struggling with their identities, the key difference with LinkedIn is its “for professionals” mantra. LinkedIn suits legal professionals especially ...
Guide to Social Media for Lawyers - Twitter
This guide will teach you some basic social media strategies designed to generate more clients for your firm. It also shares some “expert tricks” that will maximize the effectiveness of the avai...
Attorney Communication Style Study
This study, commissioned and conducted by Animators at Law, examines the data on the three types of learning styles most often associated with attorneys and potential jurors. The study is particu...
DEC 27
Dram Shop Laws - A Vehicle for Policy Change
Everyone involved in personal injury litigation will be faced with a case where alcohol is involved. This article by a national expert in the field of Responsible Retailing is an excellent resour...
DEC 14
Escape and Rescue from Submerged Vehicles
In this extremely informative article, Gerald Dworkin of Lifesaving Resources Inc. ( examines how cars become submerged and the methods and tools which can save a person...
DEC 14
You Play Like You Practice
A master of the analogy, in this brief but entertaining article Elliott Wilcox discusses how football and law are alike. The way you practice your trial is the way you play on game day....
DEC 15
"...and Your Little Dog Too"
In what has to be the most entertaining article ever written on the dry topic of "framing", Elliott Wilcox has examined this cutting edge technique using an analogy with one of the most beloved o...
DEC 13
What to Do When Your Witness Forgets
Every trial lawyer has had an occasion when the witness knew the answer before they take the stand, but go blank when they are asked a question. In this entertaining and informative article, Elli...
DEC 10
Pseudoarthrosis of the Lumbar Spine: Outcome After Circumferential Fusion
A scholarly work by one the leading experts on spinal surgery and its complications. ...
NOV 17
The Ten Critical Mistakes Trial Lawyers Make (and How to Avoid Them!)
A great article with practical, no nonsense advice for lawyers. Elliott Wilcox is a master at explaining things concisely, while still making the article fun to read....
OCT 27
How to Conduct a Low Impact Trial in One Day
This CLE presentation provides valuable tips and a common sense approach to a "quick and dirty", yet still effective, trial on a low impact car wreck. While it is geared toward Texas the article ...
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