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We created out of frustration at the limited amount of information easily available to lawyers. is a forum for lawyers and legal staff to share ideas and information on judges, court personnel, and courtrooms. Any registered user can access and enter information on any judge and/or courtroom in the country.

By sharing information, attorneys can go to court, knowing that they have the most up to date information on the judges they will be appearing in front of, information that can help you structure your argument and be prepared for whatever arises. will continue expanding, providing a unique way to create Virtual Firms composed of you and your friends and colleagues. This will allow you to share information and brainstorm about the challenges being faced not only in your cases, but in the practice of law in general.

We will also be offering eBooks on subjects of interest to you, online timekeeping and billing, and other innovative products and services designed to assist you in staying up to date in your field.

We want to work with the members of MyLawNetwork to create an environment which helps your practice run smoother and easier. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or would like new features added.

In the Halls of Justice, the only justice is in the halls.
-Lenny Bruce
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